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Gundam AGE #18 "Graduation day's Battle"  

1 and a half years has passed. Asemu, Zehart and Romaly (Lomarie/Romalie/Lomary) are graduating their school. At the day of the graduation ceremony, military policemen came to arrest Zehart. Seeing Zehart's crisis, Duzz made a mayhem to save his master. In the mayhem, Zehart revealed his origin and warned Asemu not to join the war.


Missed episode 18? see here (though texts are written in Japanese, you can see what was going on with lots of pics).

Japanese version

This Episode contains lots of hints.
The biggest one is in Asemu's speech. It is a significant contrast to Flit's episode in Minsry.



In the speech, Asemu said that he spent a unforgettable time in the school. That's what we call "adolescence".
Because his life was strongly defined by UE (Vagun), Flit could have only one chance to share his youth with others. Furthermore, Vaguns destroyed and disgraced the chance by killing Yurin.
On the other hand, Asemu could enjoy his youth, and he shared it with a Vagun friend, Zehart.

Though the situation that "friends killing each other" is not so rare in Japanese animation, this contrast is a decisive point of Gundam AGE.

Another point was Zehart's facing of a culture-shock.
In the beginning of this episode 18, Asemu risked his life to rescue his classmate, Rod.
Zehart saw it and shocked. This is only one episode from Asemu's school friendship with Zehart. All other episodes were omitted in Asemu Arc. It means only this tiny episode is important in Zehart's school life. The point is that Zehart is a Martian, where people are not rich enough to care (or help) others. It was fresh for Zehart to know Asemu's way of thinking, "Help others if I can".

Also, in this episode, Zehart imported a new idea, "warrior".
He defined himself as a warrior, that is those who strongly-selfdetermined to fight.
Throughout the AGE series, Gundam and Gundam-handler always carries the idea "savior", the ones who protect people and fight against invader (EXCLUDING human-beings) . This idea is contrasted to "soldier", the ones who fight for the people and fight against enemy (INCLUDING human-beings).
These three ideas' contrast will be a key for Gundam AGE's theme.

Having seen 18 episodes, I found that AGE's concept is completely different to previous Gundams.
It is rather History or Heroic Story than an "ordinary" Gundam series.

Japanese version

Missed episode 18?

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