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Gundam AGE #17 "Friends, Love and the Mobile Suits"  

The Vagun (Mars state: former UE) spy, Zehart Garrett(Galette) started making a heavy research around Asemu Asuno.
His object was to find where Gundam is hidden.

At that time, Asemu's Handmade Mobile Suit (MS) team was facing a championship in Tordir space-colony.
Zehart joined the MS team so as to check Asuno's house and he succeeded finding the hidden AGE-1.

The Vaguns assaulting Asemu's home with their latest MSs at the day of championship.
During the assault, the promised three teens - Asemu, Romalie (Romaly/Romari/Romary) and Zehart - met each other at the very center of the crossfire.


Missed episode 17? see here (though texts are written in Japanese, you can see what was going on with lots of pics).

Japanese version

This episode 17 was aimed at describing how Zehart attracted in the life with Asemu's community.
However, this aim didn't work effectively because both Zehart's feeling and daily life with the club wasn't described so much. Also in the next episode, they'll graduate the school. Therefore, episode 17 is the only chance we see the "friendship" between Zehart and Asemu.
Therefore, we have to make a deep guess.

The attitudes towards human feelings is a big theme of Gundam AGE.
Vagun tends to ignore human's emotion and the people around Diva are good at feeling other's emotion.
The contrast of the attitude was shown through Decil Garrett (the demoniac child), Geela Zoi (the commander of the fortress Ambat), Flit, Groudeck(Grudech) and so on. In this episode 17, Zehart looked over Flit's books, data and family (Though he could find Federation's newest MS, Adel's blueprint).

In episode 17, the point is that Zehart (elite class in Vagun's social hierarchy?) was not used to be with "friendly" earth people. Furthermore, it could be for the first time for him to spend the time with teens in equal position. But this is nothing more than my guess.

Another hint is found in the lyrics of the BGM, "Kimi to Boku ha soko ni ita(At that time, we were there)". I'd like to introduce all the text here.

Airi "Kimi to boku ha soko nii ita"

Arubamu wo mekureba waratteru bokura ga ita, massugu na hitomi de onaji yume wo miteta
(In the memorial album, we were smiling and gazing purely at the same dream)

Doro darake ni nari jikan wo wasureru made sugoshita ano hi ha imamo hikari takusan dayo ne
(Memories of the days we played so much in muddy playground can never be faded)

Kakenukeru jikan no katasumi de bokura dake no houkago ga sunaoni nareta basho nanda oboeteru yo
(We shared ourselves in our after school in flying youth days, I never forget.)

Ano isshun ha hotou nanda. kimi to boku ha soko nii ita. shinjiaeta yo ne uso ja nakute
(The moment was truth. I and you were there. We trusted each other, this is true)

Aa sugiteiku toki omoi hasete..
(Ah, I remembering the passing memories..)

Of course, this lyric can be a love-song between boys and girls, but it can be a theme-song of the friendship between Zehart and Asemu. We can find what the producers wanted to show us from this episode 17. However, because they dind't show Zehart's passion towards the MS championship, this episode seemed to be unbalanced. I am feeling sorry for that.

Another point was X-rounder's resonance. When Asemu and Zehart shook their hands, there was no resonance between them. However, the Gundapedia says Zedas-R (Zehart's MS) was prepared for X-rounders. It would be a point of thinking Asuno Family's relationship.

Japanese version

Missed episode 17?

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